Gao Minli, born in 1954 in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, is an associate research librarian and designer of the city emblem of Xi'an. He was taught by Cai Liang, Wang Ziwu, Gao Minsheng, and other famous Chinese painters. He is member of Shaanxi Art Association and painter of Shaanxi Traditional Chinese Painting Academy. painter of Xi'an Chinese Painting Academy, vice president of Shaanxi calligraphy and painting academy, honorary president of Shaanxi Kaiming calligraphy and painting academy. Vice president of Nanjing Guoqing calligraphy and Painting Research Institute.

Engaged in fine art for more than 40 years, he has created a large number of works, which have been published in various newspapers and periodicals for many times. As an influential painter in China, his works are collected by many experts and art lovers at home and abroad. It has been recorded in "the list of contemporary Chinese artists" "the dictionary of modern Chinese artists" "the Shaanxi artists" " the China Artists Yearbook" etc. In 2019, "selected works of Gao Minli" was selected as teaching model of China's higher art education.


In 1974, work “hometown is another harvest year” published by Shaanxi People's Fine art Publishing House, issued nationwide           

In 1975, works “Chairman Mao directed us to win the battle” and “hometown is another harvest year” were selected into the PLA (People's Liberation Army) Fine art Exhibition, published by Shaanxi People's Fine art Publishing House, issued nationwide

Attended the cultural work conference of the PLA in the same year

In 1978, Attending Shaanxi Provincial Literature and art Creation Conference

In 1984, the work "war of Anti-flood" was selected into Shaanxi fine art works exhibition

In 1986, film poster "life" was selected into national fine art works exhibition, Northwest-provinces fine art works exhibition and Xi'an fine art works exhibition, all of which won the first prize

In 1987, calligraphy works were selected into the national hard pen calligraphy competition           

In 1988, design Xi'an City Emblem

In 1991, five people exhibition of loess style was held in Shaanxi Exhibition Hall

Attended the International Symposium on image art

In 1993, as a special guest of Shaanxi radio and television station, participated in the live broadcast of "pre-examination questions and answers for candidates of art colleges and universities"

In 1994,work "Tibetan Plateau man" was selected into the exhibition of Chinese painting by young Chinese painters           

In 1996, his work "people from Qin" was selected into the union art works exhibition of Shaanxi Province and won Gold Award

communicated with painters and collectors from Japan, Sweden and other countries, and works were collected by experts and scholars at home and abroad.

In 1997, work "light of snow field" won the special Award of fine art works exhibition of celebrating Hong Kong's return          

In 1998, “Gao Minli’s Chinese-painting figure exhibition” was held in Xi'an           

works won the first prize in the national fine art works exhibition tour of provinces and cities           

In 1999, work "the journey of Tibetans" was selected into "Chang'an celebrity calligraphy and Painting Invitation Exhibition"

In 2000, work "soul like wind" was collected by Mr. Jiang Xiaoyan, Standing Committee member and legislator of Taiwan Kuomintang(KMT)

In 2002, work "Tibetan people" won silver medal in the national Chinese-painting exhibition

the work "golden yak" was given as a gift by Taiwan Affairs Office of Shaanxi Provincial People's government to Mr. Ma Yingjiu, chairman of Taiwan Kuomintang, and collected by Mr. Ma.

In 2003, work "warm sun" was selected into Shaanxi Qunxing fine art works exhibition and won the first prize           

In 2004, work "walking high" won the silver medal in the national Chinese-painting
the work "Tibetan folk house" was selected into Shaanxi fine art works exhibition and won the excellent award

In 2005, work "Tibetan Opera" series participated in the 20th anniversary works exhibition of Xi'an Academy of traditional Chinese painting           

In 2006, “Gao Minli Chinese-painting exhibition” was held in Xi'an Academy of traditional Chinese painting

        Work "Langsa girl" was selected into Shaanxi fine arts exhibition and won the silver medal
The work "pilgrimage" won the silver medal of the first invitation exhibition of western famous calligraphers and painter and was collected by China Art Museum           

In 2007, interviewed twice by the program "artists and arts" of Shaanxi TV           

In 2008, participated in the donation activities for Wenchuan earthquake

In 2010, work " Tibetan woman" won the first Shaanxi Art Award (Creation Award)           

In 2011, invited to attend the Sino-French art exchange exhibition 《A glance... Chinese Fine art》at Montreal,France
work "Kangba man" was selected into the exhibition to celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of China and won the gold medal         
work "Tibetan Plateau" won the first prize in Shaanxi military painting and calligraphy exhibition          

work "warrior" participated in the national tour exhibition of Xi'an Chinese Academy of painting in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other cities

In 2012, Gao Minli Chinese painting exhibition was held in Heze City, Shandong Province           

In 2019, participated in the joint exhibition of Chinese Dutch artists' works in Holland and China respectively with exhibitions in Leeuwarden, Kampen, The Hague and Groningen

In 2020 Feb, "the soul of Tibet - Gao Minli's painting exhibition" held in the Forma Aktua art gallery of Groningen Province, Netherlands

in 2022 he participated in the international exhibition 'ArtQuake' in Nigde, Türkey.