About Tibet


About Tibet's magic, mystery and sanctity, not only from Tibet's high heaven and thick soil, but also from the Tibetan's devotion to faith. As a result, Tibet has become a paradise people yearn for.

The artistic exploration of Gao Minli is the result of the recognition of "heart", the process of soul searching and the continuation of gratitude. He has a childlike heart, piety, sincerity, but all these are hidden in his simple and honest. Under the simple and honest appearance, his keen insight into art makes him have a deep and broad understanding of ink from the heart


His "Tibetan style series" is primitive, chaotic and secluded, as if it comes from the Qingming Dynasty at the beginning of Hongmeng. With a myriad atmosphere of life, it is capitalized with the sacred and firm belief of Tibetan people. This belief originated from the deep soul of Tibetans, but it was keenly captured by him. Only in this way, he did not use realistic writing to express the appearance of the Tibetan people. Instead, he used the technique of splashing ink to show the devout message from the deep soul of the Tibetan people. After all, the original chaos is the origin of life and the ancestor of spiritual power and piety.

Gao Minli's way of splashing ink and capital is to capture the mysterious atmosphere of Tibetans and to revere their inner piety. This is the color of life, the color of impression that he agglomerates with ink color. It is to show their temperament and style in the color of impression of people's life image. Therefore, "Tibet Style Series" is not only a description of the original ecology of Tibet, but also a guard of the unique belief spirit of the Tibetan people.


With the great freehand spirit of Chinese painting, he stands in the atmosphere of "Tao" and "Xiang" in traditional culture, to extend the inner spiritual atmosphere and the source of trust of Tibetans.  The virtual and real weight of the strokes, the walking position of the strokes, all have an absolute extension of breath to people's looks and postures, which is enough to reflect his different personalities of people with different temperaments and different linearity.

In his picture, it shows the "truth, goodness and piety" of life. This "truth" is reflected in different aspects of life. But the "truth" in his spiritual world is boundless, vast and thick, which is the holy land, holy land and the devout nourishment of clean people.


He goes to the extreme of abstraction in the image, modeling the characters in the image, looking for the origin of the soul of life in the modeling, that origin is the habitat of the soul. It has the original vitality of the universe, sound and incisive, straightforward and steady.



In his painting consciousness, his devotion to faith comes from his overwhelming recognition of primitive life and his praise of primitive power. In his paintings, you will find that his life, in the original setting of soul, has walked out of his own art road, thus showing the capital spirit of his painting, making the ancient atmosphere, giving birth to the original power and faith of piety, so as to reflect his spiritual interest of writing the hidden soul independently.