Dear Invitees,
    Gao Minli(1954-)is from Chang`an, Shaanxi, China. He is an influential artist in contemporary China. His works of art have been selected into higher education textbook designed for students of fine art. As a painter and calligrapher in China since 1975, he designed Xi’an city emblem. His works of art, featuring the Soul of Tibet, are now being exhibited at Forma Aktua Gallery in Groningen, Holland. It is my great honor to introduce Mr. Gao Minli and his amazing works of art that have been exhibited in many important galleries and he also held his own individual exhibition. He has won various awards. In Chinese art, writing techniques, calligraphy and poetry are closely intertwined and Chinese paintings can be read through handwriting. And he also attaches great importance to European writing techniques. such as the form of art of the Dutch expressionist art group 'de Ploeg' and so on, to which I think Mr. Gao ‘s works of art are very close. His inspiration comes from Tibetan art and culture, that is, the art and culture of the Roof of the World. He portrays a strong, resilient world, full of a very personal, penetrating magic. A depiction of a wild, real world, but extremely chic brushwork. A pure and mysterious spiritual world in Tibet, China. Art works are a unique and engaging method, and the results are equally impressive. For those who want to understand contemporary Tibetan culture, it is a rare opportunity to appreciate and collect, and it is well worth it.
Yours sincerely,
Tom Hageman
Chairman of the International League of Fine Art Schools Foundation, ILFAS, Holland
(Former dean of Classical Academy of Fine Arts, Groningen, Holland, critic and well-known artist in Holland.)
  有幸在荷兰看到了您的绘画作品:从您的笔法中看到了独特而充满魅力的造型,在非常精美的外观里感受到融入您内心深处对神秘西藏的眷恋,您用色彩表达了对世界屋脊的情感,它已经形成了您自己独特的绘画语言!荷兰、Eddy Roos(Eddy Roos ;(1949- )现代世界级荷兰雕塑家)
Dear Mr. Gao Minli,
    It is my great honor to see your paintings in Holland. I can see your unique and charming style through your painting techniques. From the exquisite appearance, I can feel that you are sentimentally attached to Tibet that is deep inside your heart. You have expressed your feelings for the Roof of the World with colors, which has become your own unique painting language.
    Eddy Roos, Holland
(Eddy Roos(1949-)Holland contemporary world-famous sculptor)

Postpression:Mr. Gao Minli, Netherlands Exhibition
Fine Mr. Gao's works, vigorous and sound, to show the strength and expression of ink!General demeanor, ink Sanlang!
Netherlands; Lu Yang(Chinese Female Painters)